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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Our first trip to Sanctuary, Sta. Victoria, Ilagan, Isabela happened about two years ago and Destine was about 2 years old then, sensitive and clingy, hence, he didn't appreciated and enjoyed yet as much as he did on this 2nd trip. He was so engaged especially at the mini zoo but he had some meltdowns  while we were on the poolside, probably overwhelmed so we have to move out immediately. 

The family members were equally eager and exciting since it was their first time to this place.

Trailing down to the mini zoo.

We first get a photo ops with the Ostrich and I was so afraid the ostrich might reach and peck me with its long neck.

From the tigers den we moved from each captured animals and make some finds.

the Magnificent Peacock

the very slow Tortoise

the awesome duo

the monkeys, dove and other captured animals are here, but i cannot take picture one by one

The ready to snatch if opportune alligator

the resting phyton
After a while we are ready to leave and proceed.
From the mini zoo we take a minute of posing at the entrance of this hanging bridge, i decided not to go further, as the bridge would take about 15 - 20 minute walk to reach the other end, depending on your pace. Destine seem to enjoy more and more, but for me its a bit scary as I have crossed this bridge before together with my  #PPG friends.

Maybe next time we can proceed further. :-D. Meantime may we be contented with still and wacky photo ops.

From there, we went for a moment of prayer at the Prayer mountain situated outside the Sanctuary.

Yes, Destine Did recited his bedtime prayer. Ha! ha!

Before we finally went off to Cauayan City where we will spend the night, we dropped off to Isabela Provincial Capitol to take a pose like this... He!He!

Such an exciting road trip for the 1st timers, 2nd timers and me 3rd timer i think..haha!

There! See you in our next destination...


“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Crossing a hanging bridge is the last thing I thought that I would do with Destine. But since I was already confronted with the opportunity to conquer my fear of the unknown, I have nothing to do but to overrule the dreadful feeling i have at the moment.

This hanging bridge crossing was in Camp Vizcarra, Ramon, Isabela where we also held our lunch after we have a good sight of the Magat Dam. 
 It scare me to go on, but the little man i am holding hand with is so with his natural and doesn't realize the risk i am bringing in to him. But how will i know how far could we go if I won't take the risk?
 Destine is not easy to handle with all the special care and support he needed. It takes courage to hold on and faith to keep on, believing that everything will turn into its place in the future.

 I've imagined in case we fall, we will go with the flow,  but i will never never never let go of his hand. I will swim that water and bring him to the side of the river.

 This is a new experience to Destine, though he might not understand the concept of adventures and risk-taking but i knew i have instilled something in his imagination, something not on his usual routines.

Success!!!! and More adventure to come. 


Monday, July 4, 2016

TOP 5 in BLOGS NG PINOY Blogs of Fame for the month of July

I was surprised reading the comment section of my blog today, as this is what appears right before my eyes. Blogs Ng Pinoy commenting a congratulatory note for my blog has been voted Top 5 in their blogs of fame for the month of July. That my blog is highlighted in the Blogs of Fame sidebar for the whole month of July and my blog posts will also be featured once a week in their Facebook page!

Ain't that so WOW!!! This is such a surprising privilege that I am  thankful for. I also wish to congrats those who were on top of me.  :-) 




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