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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Before I will post the little man's 4th Birthday activity, let me get some expose on our pre - birthday selfie and escapade outside the therapy room of Destine. 

Destine is always anxious every time getting inside, but this time i asked him to take some random selfie shots and here's what we got. He gave his best smile and the wackiest make faces ever. Lastly, i asked him to give me a kiss then i'll take a picture. He eagerly smacked me at my cheeks but later changed his mind and kissed me in the lips.
Indeed one sweet boy whom I love just the way he is. <3 <3 <3

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I felt pressured thinking how to celebrate Destines 4th birthday in a way that it pleases him. What I have in mind is a pool party, though I am contemplating a big party where you have a clown to  entertain the kids and Destine. Because, Destines concept of a party is one with a clown. But then, since Presidential election affects my preparation in one way or another I might just go with a simple celebration and since we don't have many guests to come. 

Yesterday, we went to see and try swimming in a pool in a nearby Hotel. Destine likes it too, but seems that his attention can only remain for an hour. This brings me some fine lines if he will thus enjoy his day to the full.

His Idea of a Birthday Party is with a clown :-D

Anything for the young man.

Monday, May 2, 2016


I remember when i posted the First Birthday gift received of Destine some 2 years ago it's almost the same date, only that i was one day late this time.  

Again, It's barely few days and Destine will celebrate his 4th Birthday. Surprisingly, I received a colorful watch few days back handed by my classmate in nursing school all the way from Canada. She said to give it to Destine. I said WoW!!! What a beautiful early gift for his birthday. 

Thank you so much for the gift giver!

He is such a Blessed Kiddo, and I am the most happiest mother alive!! More gifts to come. ;)



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